X-Ray in Motion

Digital Radiography on the move
Investigational Device, not FDA cleared, Not available for Sale in the United States.

Capturing movement with Digital X-Ray


The next generation of digital x-ray is here.

X-Ray in Motion allows you to observe movement like never before. This enhanced version of a standard digital radiographic system can acquire up to 30 sequential radiographs per second, allowing you to observe physiological cycles, as well as individual radiographic images (up to 17"x 17" in size). X-Ray in Motion is NOT Fluoroscopy – it is in fact the X-Ray precursor to CT or MRI.

X-Ray in Motion delivers clinically relevant information in a fast exam with low doses of radiation. In less than a minute clinicians have 20 seconds of motion and multiple single images.

See The Movement

Dynamic Chest Radiography:
Low-Cost and High Performance Imaging

Original Motion Image

Enhanced Motion Image

Increasing Clinical Value:
Advantages of X-Ray in Motion

For more information, access the scientific papers.

Application Possibilities are Limitless

What can we see with X-Ray in Motion? There are endless applications for this dynamic radiography — thoracic and orthopedic — chest, diaphragm, lung, spine, shoulder, wrist, ankle, knee. X-Ray in Motion is for initial assessment, before surgery and follow-up.

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